2013 Basel AML Index

The Basel AML Index is a country risk ranking to measure the risk of money laundering / terrorist financing and other relevant aspects, such as financial standards and public transparency.

The Basel AML Index aggregates third party data from sources such as the FATF, World Bank, and the World Economic Forum to assess a country's overall money laundering risk.

Welcome to the Basel AML Index 2013


The 2013 edition is the second release of the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index. First published in April 2012, it continues to be the only rating of country money laundering/terrorist financing risk by an independent non-profit institution.

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Public Version vs. Expert Edition

Public version Expert Edition
Overall score Overall score, 14 sub-indicators and sanctions list
149 countries 203 countries
Online only Download the data and integrate it into your assessment system
Update annually Updated at regular intervals as new data becomes available
For interested individuals For financial institutions, compliance & due diligence experts, AML/CTF regulators, Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), academics & researchers
Provided as-is Expert advice and tailor-made solutions are available upon request
Access public version of the AML Index Learn more about the Expert Editon

A Public Edition of the AML Index is available online and free of charge to facilitate access to all interested parties.

There is also an Expert Edition available for a more sophisticated independent risk assessment for financial institutions, which have to comply with AML, counter-terrorism financing (CTF), sanctions and anti-bribery rules.

For more information about the background and methodology of the Basel AML Index see our Project Report including our methodology.

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Top 10 highest risk countries*

Rank Country Index
1 Afghanistan 8.55
2 Iran 8.48
3 Cambodia 8.35
4 Tajikistan 8.27
5 Iraq 8.19
6 Guinea-Bissau 8.17
7 Haiti 8.09
8 Mali 7.95
9 Swaziland 7.90
10 Mozambique 7.90

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* Source: Basel AML Index 2013