Basel AML Index 2015 Public edition released including a new adjusted methodology

The Basel AML Index 2015 annual public edition was released on 18 August 2015 including a new methodology.

The following adjustments were made affecting the Expert Edition:

New FATF Methodology:
The new 2015 Basel AML Index is based on a modified methodology, which makes use of the new FATF Mutual Evaluation Reports (4th round) including the effectiveness ratings. A new methodology was developed to incorporate the effectiveness assessment in addition to the assessment of legal compliance with the FAT MERs.

BTI Rule of Law replaced by World Justice Index:
Based on the annual review, the Basel AML Index has decided to replace the Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI) Rule of Law sub-indicator with the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index.

The new website and report detailing the new methodology can be accessed