Visualise cases and flows of money

Visualise cases and flows of money


Corruption and money laundering cases often include complex structures of persons and companies involved. For example, when presenting your case to your supervisor or a colleague a graph depicting the structure of the case or the structure of the flow of money can help to better understand the case.

In this course the free software yEd is used to allow you to create graphs. In particular this course covers:

  • Creation of graphs using simple node shapes representing entities of your case
  • Connecting nodes using edges
  • Import and use of custom pictures as nodes in your graph
  • Use of automatic layout functions to analyze your graph
  • Automatic creation of graphs from Excel files containing case information
  • Use of the property mapper to automatically adjust the settings of you graph to data in your Excel file, e.g. map the amount of money transferred to the thickness of a connecting edge of two bank accounts.
  • Ways to present your graph, e.g. export to PowerPoint

The course features interactive assignments which allow you to practice your skills and knowledge. The total duration of this course is between 4 and 6 hours.