Session 4: Practice risk assessment

Learning goals: Practice to assess risks of STRs
Duration approx. 25 minutes.
Prerequisits: Session 3: Risk assessment of STRs & Session 3a List of indicators

Session 3: Risk assessment of STRs

Learning goals: Why to assess the risk of an STR. The risk matrix. Assessing risks of STRs. Indicators of high risk activities.
Duration approx. 20 minutes.
Prerequisits: You should know the core functions of an FIUs and the differences between information and intelligence.

Session 2: Information, Intelligence and the Intelligence Cycle

Learning goals: Information vs. intelligence. Introduction to the intelligence cycle
Duration approx. 15 minutes.
Prerequisits: You should take look at the Introduction to get to know the core functions of FIUs

Session 1: Introduction

Learning goals: Core functions of a Financial Intelligence Unit.
Duration: approx. 5 minutes.
Prerequisits: Session 0: How to use the course


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