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23.11.2023 Blog

Virtual currencies: are we missing a trick? Insights from the Basel AML Index 2023

13.11.2023 News

Basel AML Index 2023: Action on money laundering more urgent than ever

07.11.2023 Blog

How to predict 'grey listing' for money laundering failures – new feature of the Basel AML Index Expert Edition Plus

29.09.2023 Blog

Basel AML Index 2023: reflecting the progress of grey-listed jurisdictions

29.11.2022 News

Grey-listing for anti-money laundering failings: focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

14.11.2022 Blog

Slow progress against dirty money harms people and undermines democracy

04.10.2022 News

Basel AML Index 2022: one step forward, four steps back in tackling money laundering

06.09.2022 News

Basel AML Index launches API for easier integration into compliance and risk management systems

27.07.2022 Blog

Environmental crime data added to money laundering risk indicators in Basel AML Index

05.10.2021 Blog

How effective are jurisdictions at preventing money laundering? Insights from the 10th Basel AML Index

27.09.2021 Blog

Money laundering risks: are we paying enough attention to lawyers, accountants and others beyond the financial sector?

20.09.2021 Blog

Beneficial ownership transparency is a pillar of anti-money laundering systems – so it needs to stand up. Insights from the Basel AML Index 2021

15.09.2021 Blog

What this year's Basel AML Index says about money laundering threats from cryptocurrencies

13.09.2021 News

Basel AML Index 2021: 4 things holding back the global fight against money laundering

06.07.2021 News

Keeping up with money laundering risks: updates to this year’s Basel AML Index methodology

27.07.2020 Blog

AML supervision and financial scandals – what the Basel AML Index and FATF data reveal

23.07.2020 News

Basel AML Index 2020 released today

02.06.2020 News

Basel AML Index Expert Edition adds EU list of high-risk third countries

28.05.2020 Blog

What we’re changing in the Basel AML Index – and why

26.02.2020 Blog

Russia’s money laundering risks – what does the latest FATF report mean in practice?

06.12.2019 News

How tax advisers can protect themselves from money laundering risks

21.10.2019 Blog

AML risks in Pakistan: consequences of the latest FATF report

04.10.2019 News

Baltic AML Forum: the challenges of country risk assessment

25.09.2019 Blog

How can Estonia have the lowest risk of money laundering in the Basel AML Index?

25.09.2019 Blog

Is Malta a high-risk or low-risk country for money laundering?

19.08.2019 Blog

Basel AML Index 2019: Too little progress – are AML systems effective?

18.08.2019 Blog

Money laundering risks in post-Soviet countries: what does the Basel AML Index reveal?

16.08.2019 Blog

What can we learn from recent money laundering cases?

14.02.2019 News

Tools to support enhanced due diligence in response to new EU list of high-risk third countries

07.02.2017 News

New: Expert Edition Plus – dataset analysis of FATF Mutual Evaluation

04.10.2016 Blog

Singapore: strong AML laws, weak enforcement