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Designed for busy professionals, the Basel AML Index Expert and Expert Plus editions offer deep, detailed and up-to-date insights into a jurisdiction's ML/TF risk score and the reasons behind it. Both editions are FREE for public-sector, international, non-profit, academic and media organisations.



Basic analysis of ML/TF risks worldwide.

  • 152 jurisdictions in 2023
  • Yearly updates

Expert Edition

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CHF / year

Private sector

Indicators and extended jurisdiction coverage.

  • 203 jurisdictions
  • Overall scores and 18 indicators
  • Quarterly updates
  • Downloadable dataset
  • Up to 5 users

Expert Edition Plus


CHF / year

Private sector

All Expert features adding detailed FATF analysis.

  • All Expert features
  • Calculated and written FATF data set
  • Special reports on ML/TF risks in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands
  • Identification of jurisdictions at risk of FATF grey listing

Free Expert Edition

The Basel AML Index Expert Edition and Expert Edition Plus are FREE for public-sector, international, non-profit and academic organisations, as well as independent journalists.

Expert Edition

More features. More insight.

Risk evaluation

The Basel AML Index Expert Edition can be used as a standalone risk evaluation solution or as an independent benchmarking tool to validate in-house risk assessments.

Jurisdiction comparison

Access jurisdiction profiles and compare the risk scores to regional and world averages.

Sanctions and blacklists

The ranking table highlights sanctions and other lists relevant to evaluating a jurisdiction’s ML/TF risk, including those issued by the FATF, UN Security Council, US OFAC and European Union.

Expert Edition Plus

Additional analysis

The Expert Edition Plus offers a detailed comparative analysis of the FATF Mutual Evaluation Reports. This allows users to assess each FATF recommendation individually by focusing on specific compliance needs, for example due diligence or terrorist financing regulations.

FATF numerical rating

This enhanced analysis presents the FATF rating as a numerical, colour-coded scale. The data is available in Excel format, accompanied by graphics and an analysis of main achievements and trends.

FATF written analysis

An accompanying written analysis describes countries’ performance in terms of FATF technical recommendations and effectiveness.

Jurisdiction reports

Special reports on ML/TF risks in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for free access to the Basel AML Index Expert Editions?

All public-sector institutions, including regional or international supervisory and regulatory authorities, plus international and non-profit, academic and media organisations.

How do I claim my free access?

After registering for a demo account, you can request free access to either of the Expert Editions from your personal dashboard. You will gain full access once your request has been confirmed.

Why don’t you offer free access to the private sector too?

As part of the Basel Institute's mission to prevent and combat corruption around the world, we wish to make accurate and actionable information on ML/TF risks as widely accessible as possible. We are a non-profit organisation. The annual subscription fee for private-sector companies and financial institutions – which is extremely reasonable – helps us to pay for the development, maintenance of the Basel AML Index as well as open up access to organisations with more limited financial resources.

I am an individual researcher/journalist, not affiliated with an institution at the moment. Can I get free access to the Expert Edition?

We offer free access to individuals with a legitimate research or journalism project for a limited time. Please contact the Basel AML Index team to discuss.

How can I pay?

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer. In both cases you will gain instant access to the data.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

Yes, your subscription renews automatically after one year. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the difference between Expert Edition and Expert Edition Plus?

In addition to the standard Expert Edition features, Expert Edition Plus subscribers receive a calculative and written analysis of the full FATF dataset on a quarterly basis. In addition, Expert Edition Plus subscribers are provided with short reports on money laundering risks in the jurisdictions of Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands.

Which jurisdictions are included in the Basel AML index?

You can find a list of all covered jurisdictions here. Additional jurisdictions may be added if reliable data become available.

On which months are updates issued?

Updates for both the Expert Edition and Expert Edition Plus are issued on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December.

Why is jurisdiction X not included?

Jurisdiction coverage is based on the availability of data, especially for key indicators such as the FATF and Financial Secrecy Index reports.

Can we have a video call to ask some questions before subscribing?

Sure. Contact us at to arrange.

Can we obtain written reports for specific jurisdictions?

The Basel AML Index interface already enables you to view and download a jurisdiction profile with key details including risk scores, comparative data and possible sanctions. We may be able to provide a more detailed written analysis of a specific jurisdiction for an additional fee. Please email the Basel AML Index team.

Can I add additional accounts to my subscription?

Every subscription includes five individual user accounts. You may change the users included under your account at any time. Extra accounts can be purchased from your dashboard for CHF 400/year for the Expert Edition and CHF 800/year for Expert Edition Plus.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Download our current Terms and Conditions. Subscribers to the Basel AML Index Expert Edition or Expert Edition Plus must accept these Terms on behalf of the organisation they represent before accessing the service. If you have questions regarding the Terms and Conditions please contact the Basel AML Index team.